Choosing A Flower Arrangement For A Loved One? Choose Flowers That Mean Something

When choosing a flower arrangement for a special occasion, most people just choose whatever flowers they think the recipient will like, or perhaps go with a certain color scheme. While it's important to choose flowers that you find beautiful, there's something else to keep in mind when ordering flowers: their meanings. Here's a look at what some common flowers mean when given to a loved one.


Daffodils are said to represent regard and honor. They're a good flower to give to someone who you respect, and who has helped you make your way in life. You might want to give these vibrant yellow flowers to your mother or father, or to someone else who guided you throughout your youth.


With their white petals ad elegant brown centers, daisies are said to represent hope and innocence. They'd be a good flower to give a young girl on her birthday, or a child on their baptism.


These small, colorful flowers mean what their name suggests. When you give them to someone, you are essentially asking that the person keep you in their thoughts. They're a lovely choice for someone who is moving away or embarking on a long trip. They're also a nice choice for graduations -- especially if the graduate is about to move away.


Brightly colored geraniums symbolize true friendship. They should be given to someone you care about deeply when that person is ailing and needs a pick-me-up, or even on a happy occasion like a birthday.


These fragrant, blue-purpose flowers symbolize true love. Give them to your special someone on your anniversary or Valentine's Day. They're a welcome departure from the every-common roses.


These tall stems of flowers stand for good sportsmanship and also for playfulness. They're a reminder that life is meant to be enjoyed. Give hyacinths to someone who has just won a game or competition, or someone who needs a reminder to look on the bright side.


Lilies stand for purity and modesty. Give them to a young person on their confirmation day, or to a young girl celebrating a birthday or other occasion. Tiny lilies of the valley are said to be the purest of them all.


These unique little flowers stand for strength. Give them to a friend struggling with illness or anyone else who is going through a tough time. The red ones are especially empowering.

To learn more about flowers, contact a florist like Fasan Florist. They can help you design an arrangement that really means something special.