No Space? No Problem! 4 Tips To Start Your Own Urban Garden

Just because you don't have a lot of yard space doesn't mean that you have to forego the taste of freshly grown vegetables and the look of flowers picked right from your own backyard. The trick is to use what room you have wisely and to be creative. Here are 4 tips for creating your own urban garden in any space.

Start Indoors

Maximize your gardening ability by beginning inside the home. Try a specialized indoor garden system with flat space to plant and special lighting to keep plants healthy. Or make your own using a baker's rack or nesting tables in a sunny location. Fill window boxes with herbs. And by starting your seedlings indoors in pots, you can both give them extra attention and save space outdoors for mature plants. 

Creative Containers

Containers for gardening don't have to be traditional pots, nor do they even need to come from the nursery or home improvement store. For urban gardeners, just about anything that holds soil is fair game as a planter. Try a hanging shoe organizer planted with herbs. Upcycle some old gutters nailed to the wall and filled with dirt for a long row of plants. Drill holes in a galvanized water trough and fill it to the brim with vegetables and flowers for a beautiful tiny garden. 

Go Vertical

If you don't have the square footage you want, try going upward instead of outward. Vertical gardens come in all shapes and sizes and help you grow more plants than you thought possible. Stackable raised garden beds sit on top of each other and allow you to form just about any configuration your tight space calls for. A vertical garden (often called a wall garden) can be built using materials as simple as a wooden frame, foam and some plastic. And be sure to combine containers of plants below and hanging plants above to maximize your space usage.

Make it Chic

When planning your urban garden, don't forget to give some thought to your design. Blend the gardening elements with your outdoor style and entertaining space for a look that says you have a plan. Rather than using a mish-mash of container styles, go for one type of style -- rustic chic, modern geometric or woodsy, for example -- and complement it with your outdoor furniture. Look for one or two fantastic focal points to use in your small space, such as a bubbling fountain or a fun parlor table and chairs. 

No matter what style of container gardens you choose, you can transform your urban space into a backyard haven filled with your favorite flowers and plants. Then, sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labors with friend and family. Contact a professional container company, like Container Creations LLC or another location, for more tips and info.