Bring Some Spring To Your Jewish Wedding With Fresh Flowers

When you go to a wedding, you expect to see flowers, however in Jewish tradition, flowers have far more meaning. Flowers symbolize life, and when a couple gets married, flowers can signify the union and beginning of a new life together. This sentimentality makes it even more important to incorporate beautiful blooms and flowers into your wedding event!

Some ways to bring spring to your wedding day include the following ideas:

Make flowers the highlight of your invites.

Make a hit with your wedding invitations by using handcrafted paper that has been pressed with flowers. This will give your invites some weight and a unique texture that will intrigue and delight your wedding guests, before they even step foot in the venue door!

Bring blooms to your cake.

It is traditional to bring elements of nature into the wedding décor, and this includes the wedding cake. Decorate the cake with sugared violets, pansies, and nasturtiums; or, go with fresh, green herbs for a fall or winter-themed event. These are not just beautiful, but also tasty decorations suited to the occasion.

Use flowers in your Chuppah.

The chuppah has many uses at a Jewish wedding; it is the altar that the couple take their vows at, as well as a quiet place for the couple to reflect after becoming husband and wife. These open-air style structures are often adorned with fabric, ribbon, and fresh flowers to create a whimsical, wondrous scene that is ideal for photographs and that will create cherished memories.

Create flower-inspired chairs for the couple.

Family and friends of the couple will decorate a pair of chairs for the bride and groom to use during the wedding events, and that will be the first gift to the couple following the ceremony. Decorate the chair with ribbon, embellishments, and fresh blooms to create a dreamy seat that reflects the colors and flowers used throughout the wedding venue.

Bring life to party favors with flowers.

Have fun with your party favors by giving them a floral twist; create lavish little bags, lined with shredded tissue or colored stones and nest a couple of plant bulbs inside. Tie a packet of flower seeds to ribbon to adorn a box of pastel-colored candied almonds, another traditional favor at weddings.

When it comes to your wedding, don't skimp on flowers. Use blooms lavishly, paired with candles which symbolize the presence of God at the union. Flowers are a popular theme for weddings in summer or spring, but use them during cold-weather ceremonies to bring a fresh, sunny touch to the affair.