Design A Floral Arrangement That Sends The Right Message

You've decided to give your loved one a flower arrangement. Great idea! Just make sure you are choosing the bouquet with some thought. Contrary to the belief of some, choosing an arrangement is far more than just choosing a handful of flowers that you think look good together. The types of flowers and their colors send a message so it's important that you choose wisely.

Flower Symbolism

Gratitude – If you want to send a message of thanks and let someone know just how much you appreciate them, an arrangement that includes hydrangeas is a great option. Hydrangeas are thought to express a heartfelt emotion of admiration.  

Optimism – Life is full of twist and turns that can cause a person to feel derailed and hopeless. A chrysanthemum is a great way to boost their spirits by sending them a message of joy and optimism. This beautiful flower can also mean a long, happy life.

Beauty – Want to let someone know that you are mesmerized by their beauty? An arrangement of lilies is an option to consider. The lily is meant to convey a message of refined beauty, sweetness, and purity. In faith-based circles, this flower can also be used to display purity of the heart.

Love – No flower can send a message of love more accurately than a rose. With its rareness and beautiful design, adding this to your arrangement can make a person feel special. Although love is the overwhelming message, it's important to note that the color of the rose can alter its meaning.

Color Symbolism

Pink – A pink flower is a great option for playfulness, innocence, and sensitivity. It's a common choice for a more feminine design or to express feelings for a love interest in the early stages of a relationship, when you don't want to come off too strong. Pink roses are great in this case.

Blue – Blue flowers can add a sense of calm to an arrangement. Blue flowers are thought to symbolize the peace and relaxation a person experiences when they rest on their back and look up at the beauty of a blue sky.

Red – Red flowers are all about romance. Not just any type of romance, but deep and intense feelings. If you want to tell someone that you have feelings for them, but are afraid to speak the words, red flowers can do this for you.

Yellow – Yellow flowers send a message of friendship, respect, and compassion. Given the color's vast meanings, you can include yellow flowers in an arrangement that is meant to show gratitude or even for a bereavement arrangement.

When designing an arrangement, remember that you don't have to design the bouquet with all the same flowers or colors to send the message you want. As long as you include a few flowers that symbolize what you want to say, your message will still be conveyed. For more information, contact companies like Marine Florists.